X Twitter’s latest response to partnership with PS is considering the live streaming space

November 13 Sony announced that it has stopped supporting X (Twitter) linkage on PS5 and PS4, a few days ago X Twitter’s latest response to cooperation plans with PS, said it is considering live streaming field to start cooperation, but as of this writing Sony did not respond.

-Sony didn’t reveal the reason why the PS5 and PS4 stopped supporting Twitter-related features, but the purpose may be money-related. Musk dramatically increased the fees associated with Twitter’s API earlier this year, meaning Sony had to invest more money each year to keep Twitter support on the PS5 and PS4.

-But with X boss Musk saying he’d be looking into the matter, X tweeted that it was discussing a partnership with Sony in the live streaming space, and that it had already been contacted by Sony to send a letter of intent, which as of the time of this writing Sony hadn’t responded to.

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