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Who are the Strong Crew Members to Bring in Starfield ?

In the game ‘Starfield,’ players have the option to choose their crew members. So, which crew members are considered strong choices? Below, I’ll provide you with some recommended powerful crew members in ‘Starfield.’ If you’re interested, let’s take a look together.

Who are the Strong Crew Members to Bring in Starfield ?

Powerful Crew Members:

  1. Sam: Increases the maximum speed of your spaceship, upgrading it from C-level 130 to 168.
  2. Barrett: Boosts Particle Weapons by 3 and Ship Repair Speed by 4.
  3. Omari (Akira’s Bar): Enhances Shield by 3 and Ship Repair Speed by 1.
  4. Wast: Improves Reactor by 1, Shield by 2, and adds Electromagnetic Weapons by 1 to your spaceship.
  5. Ezekiel (Akira’s Other Bar): Provides an additional Shield upgrade of 1.
  6. Andromeda (Sedonia’s Bar): Enhances Reactor by 1.
  7. Marika (New Yaa’s Bar): Boosts Particle Weapons by 1 for your spaceship.
  8. Sarah: Increases Jump Range by 4 (useful for later in the game when your spaceship already has a jump range of 27ly or more).

These are the recommended strong crew members in ‘Starfield.’ Players interested in optimizing their crew can refer to this guide.”

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