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What to Do When Crew Capacity is Full in Starfield?

In ‘Starfield,’ when your crew capacity is full, how can you increase the number of crew members you can carry? Below, I’ll provide you with a solution for dealing with a full crew capacity in ‘Starfield.’ If you’re interested, let’s learn about it together, and hopefully, it can help you.

To increase your crew carrying capacity, you need to meet two conditions, as fulfilling just one of them won’t increase the capacity:

  1. Modify your spaceship by replacing components, using those with a higher crew capacity.
  2. Skill upgrades are required. When you level up the corresponding skill to level 4, you can carry up to 8 crew members.

These are the methods to address a full crew capacity in ‘Starfield.’ Players can refer to the steps mentioned above to increase the number of crew members they can have on their ship.”

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