“Vampire Survivors” 1.8 Update Brings Significant Changes and Introduces a New Adventure Mode

Developer Poncle has confirmed that “Vampire Survivors” will receive a major update in a few weeks, introducing a new adventure mode. This 1.8 version update is called “The Deeplorable” update and follows the release of the 1.7 version update in October.

“Vampire Survivors” has been a hugely popular game since its release in October 2022, earning various gaming awards. The developer has been continuously working on releasing free updates for the game, and earlier this year, they introduced a full co-op mode. It is reported that this 1.8 version update will bring the biggest changes to the game so far.

The developer of “Vampire Survivors” has announced that the 1.8 version update will arrive on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and mobile platforms in the coming weeks, introducing an “Adventure” mode. This “Adventure” mode will provide narrative content, allowing survivors in the game to explore “wacky side quests.” Each adventure will remix existing levels, characters, and weapons while introducing “slightly more serious plots” to the game.

The “Vampire Survivors” Adventure mode will be separate from the main game, offering players a new progression path independent of the rest of the game. All power-ups, weapon unlocks, and character upgrades will start from scratch in this mode. However, unlocks from the main game will remain unaffected. Players can still earn gold in all modes of “Vampire Survivors” to unlock various treasures.

Three adventure contents will be added to the game, with two being related to the base “Vampire Survivors” game and added for free. The third adventure will be part of the previously released “Curse of the Moon” DLC, and players will need to purchase this DLC to access the corresponding level. Each adventure is expected to last about an hour, and players can replay adventures to unlock additional skills.

“Vampire Survivors” has continuously added new characters and maps since its release, and the developer has confirmed that every future update will include new adventures, keeping players returning to this indie game for further exploration.

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