Nintendo to Keep Releasing New Switch Titles, Not Bound by “Concept of the Platform Lifecycle”

Even with all the rumors circulating about a new Nintendo Switch, to the extent of allegedly having two SDKs and a release window in the second half of 2024, Nintendo is unfazed.

In its financial results presentation for Q2 fiscal year 2024, president Shuntaro Furukawa said the company would continue to release new titles and content for the Switch “without being bound by the traditional concept of the platform lifecycle.” This is after reiterating that the platform will enter its eighth year when March 2024 rolls around. The company also wants to “maintain and expand user engagement” with the Switch to continue its business momentum.

In terms of future releases, there’s Super Mario RPG, a remake of the classic SNES title, launching later this month, and Mario vs. Donkey Kong in February 2024. Princess Peach: Showtime! is also coming in March 2024, Splatoon 3’s Side Order expansion in Spring 2024 and Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD sometime in the middle of next year. Then there are other releases like Metroid Prime 4, which are still in development but don’t have a release date,

While this doesn’t invalidate rumors of the next Switch, it should be interesting to see what the company has in store for the second half of next year. Stay tuned for more details in the meantime.

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