New ‘Momotaro Densetsu World’ returns to the world stage after 12 years on 16 November for Switch

Konami explosive sale masterpiece new, “Momotaro Dentetsu World” is coming to Switch tomorrow, November 16th on sale, it is worth noting that this is the series after 12 years to return to the world stage, interested players can pay attention to it.

-In 2010, Momotaro Densetsu World was released on the Nintendo DS platform, expanding the game’s stage to the world level and making it much more attractive to players outside of Japan.

-The new “World of Momotaro Dentetsu” returns to the world stage after 12 years, this game will set up as many as 366 stations, which is a lot more than the 339 stations of the previous work, due to the change of the stage to the world version of the game content has also been adjusted accordingly, for the previous work of the “Japanese geography” textbook nickname, this game should be able to learn a lot of world geography knowledge. This game should teach you a lot about world geography.

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