“Lord of the Fallen” New Patch Released with Over 100 Fixes

Version 1.1.282 of “Lord of the Fallen” patch is now available and has been synchronized across all platforms. This update includes over a hundred enhancements, fixes, and adjustments to the game. It also improves HDR visual quality and introduces additional game save protection technology…

"Lord of the Fallen" New Patch Released with Over 100 Fixes

Official Blog:

Lightbearers, we salute you! Thanks to all who participated in the Halloween event in “Lord of the Fallen”! To ensure that no players miss out, we have decided to make the Halloween mission permanently available. Version 1.1.282 of the patch has now been synchronized across all platforms, bringing over a hundred enhancements, fixes, and adjustments to the game. HDR visual quality has been improved, and additional game save protection technology has been added, addressing some extremely rare crash issues.

Furthermore, we have improved cooperative gameplay, enriched PVP content, adjusted some bosses, and enhanced AI behavior logic. Lastly, we have balanced some spells and items. Once again, thank you to all the players who provided feedback! Your suggestions contributed to the creation of this patch.

Here are the main highlights of this update:

  1. HDR: Enhanced HDR visual quality across all platforms.
  2. Save Protection Technology: Added save protection to prevent players from encountering corrupted save files.
  3. Stability Improvement: Fixed several rare crash bugs that occurred in specific situations.
  4. Performance Optimization: Adjusted shadows, collisions, art, and loading logic in multiple areas to improve game framerate without sacrificing visual quality.
  5. New Game Plus: Players joining a room cannot restart the game or begin a new game plus.
  6. Cooperative Mode: Fixed several bugs in cooperative mode, such as unresponsiveness, password abuse, and attribute reduction.
  7. PVP: Adjusted boss weapons. Boss weapons have not been weakened; they remain powerful, but the upgrade curve for some weapons has changed. Additionally, we improved some effects to enhance the PVP experience.
  8. Revenge: Enhanced the visual effects of successful revenge.
  9. Bosses: Adjusted attack logic and aggression for several bosses.
  10. AI: Optimized the behavior of over 20 AI instances, addressing instances of AI behaving unintelligently or getting stuck.
  11. Balance Adjustments: Adjusted the values for nearly 20 spells and items.
  12. Maps: Improved the puzzles in the Halloween map.
  13. Model Collisions: Fixed approximately 20 instances of clipping and terrain issues.
  14. Art Effects: Fine-tuned visual effects for certain equipment and areas.
  15. CG: Improved transitions into CG scenes after awakening the Lightbearers.
  16. UI: Fixed five UI-related bugs.
  17. Sound Effects: Fixed parry and piercing sound effects.
  18. 286 Hotfix Patch: Based on player feedback, we identified issues causing PVP crashes under specific conditions and are deploying a hotfix patch.

“May we walk in the light.”

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