IO Interactive: “Project 007” is the Ultimate Spy Fantasy

While IO Interactive continues to support “Hitman: World of Assassination,” the company is also developing other projects, such as the RPG game “Project Dragon” and the espionage game “Project 007.” The latter tells the origin story of the fictional spy James Bond 007. Although we have limited information about this spy game, IO Interactive recently referred to it as the “ultimate spy fantasy.”

IO Interactive: "Project 007" is the Ultimate Spy Fantasy

In an interview with the long-standing UK gaming magazine “EDGE,” IO Interactive CEO Hakan Abran stated that “Project 007” leans more towards the tone of Daniel Craig rather than Roger Moore and offers a more scripted experience rather than the open-ended style seen in “Hitman.”

Currently, IO Interactive is conducting extensive research on this IP, drawing inspiration from books and films to ultimately create their own version of the iconic 007 character. While an official release date for the game has not been announced, IO Interactive’s September 2022 financial report suggests that it is likely to be released between April 2025 and the end of March 2026.

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