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Introduction to Starfield Version 1.7.33 Update

What changes have been made in version 1.7.33 of ‘Starfield’? Below, I’ll provide you with an overview of the update in ‘Starfield’ version 1.7.33. If you’re interested, let’s take a look together, and hopefully, it can be of help.

Crew Capacity Resolution

‘Starfield’ Version 1.7.33 Update: Fixes and Improvements


• Characters: Fixed an issue where some characters were not in the correct positions.

• Space Stations: Fixed an issue where space stations would be marked as having a ship already owned by the player.

• Traders: Fixed an issue where all items of traders were accessible.


• AMD (PC): Fixed an issue where lens flares were not displaying correctly on AMD graphics cards.

• Graphics: Addressed an issue that could cause textures to become blurry when zooming in on visuals.

• Graphics: Resolved an issue where scrolling the mouse in the inventory menu could cause photosensitivity reactions.

Performance and Stability

• Handheld Scanner: Fixed frame rate drops when using the handheld scanner.

• Implemented various stability and performance improvements to address client crashes and freezes.


• Display: Fixed an issue where applying displayed items to in-ship character models would cause those items to disappear.

• Display: Fixed an issue where items saved in the Razorleaf ship’s storage containers and weapon racks would disappear after commandeering another ship.

These are the updates in ‘Starfield’ version 1.7.33.”

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