‘Hans’ comes to Steam in a watermelon version with only upward-climbing parkour

Once creative climbing parkour masterpiece “only up” because of the author’s relationship and stop selling, but other tribute games are endless, a watermelon as the protagonist of the upward climbing parkour new game “Hans” landing on Steam, support for Chinese, a limited time of one week 90% off, interested players can pay attention to the next.

'Hans' comes to Steam in a watermelon version with only upward-climbing parkour

Hans is a physics orientated parkour adventure game. Take to the skies with the lonely watermelon Hans. Navigate dangerous platforms, push the limits of physics by slowing down time and try not to fall, chasing the dream of being reunited with humanity. No Save. Jump, fail, adapt, jump again.

Features of Hans:

REFLEX MASTERY: Check your reflexes and get ready to roll with precision.

PHYSICS CONTRADICTION: Challenge the brutal physics. Every roll and bounce is a testament to momentum and mass.

CONTINUED CAUTION: There’s no save button here. Every step counts, so be careful.

DYNAMIC MUSIC: As you ascend to higher platforms, the music evolves, setting the tone for your journey.

FALL, LEARN, AND ROLL AGAIN: The more times you fall, the more watermelon wisdom you gain. Before you know it, you’ll be rolling like a pro.

DANGEROUS TERRAIN: Traverse challenging platforms like spinning discs, slippery slopes, and bouncy obstacles – all of which can lead to your downfall.

TIME MASTER: Manipulate time to navigate difficult spots and perfect your jumps.

CUSTOMISE YOUR ROLL: Explore crates scattered across the map to change Hans’ appearance. Style Roll!

Race Against Time: Challenge your friends with the integrated timer. The goal is to become the fastest watermelon in the universe!

《汉斯》登陆Steam 西瓜版只有向上攀登跑酷
《汉斯》登陆Steam 西瓜版只有向上攀登跑酷
《汉斯》登陆Steam 西瓜版只有向上攀登跑酷
《汉斯》登陆Steam 西瓜版只有向上攀登跑酷

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