Goodbye Peter! ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man 3’ Little Black Spider Will Be The Only Protagonist

Insomniac Games has just confirmed who exactly Peter and Miles will be the protagonists of the new film after the events of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 are over.

Goodbye Peter! 'Marvel's Spider-Man 3' Little Black Spider Will Be The Only Protagonist

Like most Marvel films these days, the ending of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 sets up a lot for the future, leaving us with as many questions as answers. One of the main questions answered in the final hours was, which Spider-Man will be primarily responsible for protecting New York City? Now Insomniac Games has given more details. Here are the spoilers for the final hours of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

For most of the game, Peter Parker is struggling with his identity under the influence of the symbiote. At the end of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Peter Parker no longer wears the mask and instead focuses on building the Emily May Foundation. This leaves Miles Morales as the only Spider-Man in New York for the time being, which is confirmed when he flies off to save the day while Peter remains at home with MJ.

While this is a fairly concrete ending that makes it fairly clear that Peter Parker will be taking a backseat to finally living his own life in future Marvel Spider-Man games, Marvel Spider-Man 2’s narrative director Ben Arfmann and senior writer Brittney Morris recently spoke with Gizmodo in an interview shed more light on the ending in an interview.

When asked if the team knew all along that they wanted Miles to be the “main” Spider-Man at the end of the game, Morris confirmed, saying, “It always felt very natural, and I think we all shared that it was going to happen. For me, it shows a huge growth in Miles; at the beginning of the game, we see him trying to figure out what he wants to do with his life. By the end, Miles takes on the burden of saving the city and also carries Peter when he’s physically exhausted.”

Still, just because Miles is considered the “main” Spider-Man of the future doesn’t mean that Peter Parker won’t don his cape again and suddenly abandon his responsibilities. His dialogue makes it clear that he’s taking a break for a while to sort out his life, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to completely drop his Spider-Man duties.

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