FF16 got snubbed at the TGA, and it’s better than BioShock 4RE.

Today, the foreign media TrueTrophies posted that Final Fantasy 16 was left out in the cold at this TGA, and it was one of the most popular PS5 games of the year.

The writer says he played 70 hours of FF16 and really enjoyed its combat, characters and world, but was exhausted by the mediocre side quests.

He thinks Resident Evil 4: Remastered could be replaced by FF16 in the six nominees for best game of the year.

He believes that FF16 is a bold step forward in RPG combat design and storytelling, while BioShock 4RE is just paying homage to the third-person shooter trend, following the general trend of 2023. He said that FF16 won’t take Best of the Year, but it’s at least more deserving of a nomination than BioShock 4RE.

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