False claims now? Mindhunter 2’s Path Light Chase is a Castrated Version

Before Mind Flayer 2 came out, Remedy and NVIDIA had advertised it as a game with full path ray tracing. However, the latest video from DigitalFoundry, a digital furry agency, has come to the opposite conclusion: that Mind Flayer 2 does not use a full ray tracing suite. This conclusion is in line with foreign media outlet Dsogaming.

False claims now? Mindhunter 2's Path Light Chase is a Castrated Version

In the video, DigitalFoundry doesn’t ignore the game’s path light-tracing issues, such as missing indirect shadows. In many parts of the game, the game seems to use a mix of rasterisation and path tracking effects. These techniques sometimes don’t work well together and can therefore lead to visual issues. The benefit, however, is that this mix allows the game to run smoother and faster. That’s why Mindhunter 2 can use path tracing and still be playable, whereas a game like Portal RTX would have a hard time running in full path tracing mode.

False claims now? Mindhunter 2's Path Light Chase is a Castrated Version

In addition to missing shadows, Mindhunter 2 suffers from shadow range issues when it comes to ray tracing and path light tracing. In short, when the player moves, they will then see shadows created by the light tracing form right in front of them, which can cause distraction for the player.

In short, it’s clear that Remedy made some compromises in order to use path light tracing in the game. (Source: Dsogaming)

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