‘Diablo 4’ developers give “pretty big hints” about Cow Pass

After the completion of the acquisition of Blizzard by Microsoft, also last week successfully carried out a long absence Blizzard Carnival, gaming media IGN also in the 2023 Blizzard Carnival interviewed Diablo 4 production director Tiffany Wat and deputy game director Joe Piepiora, they gave “pretty big hints” about the much sought after but not yet confirmed “cow off”. They gave “pretty big hints” about the much-hyped but unconfirmed “Cow Pass.

'Diablo 4' developers give "pretty big hints" about Cow Pass

“Cow Pass”, a classic content in the Diablo series, was previously spotted by players in the third season of Diablo 4 with some clues about it.

By killing 666 cows in a specific area, three unique items can be obtained, and a city altar guarded by a cow statue can be found in northwestern Cadbaldu, where the three items can be used to obtain a “Strange Key” that unlocks a door to a corner hut in eastern Cyrillia.

'Diablo 4' developers give "pretty big hints" about Cow Pass

When confronted by IGN about the discovery of this clue, the two producers were asked for their thoughts, with associate director Joe Piepiora pointing out straight away that it was about the Cow Pass, and rhetorically asking if it was only the cows in the countryside that suffered in the game.

And Director Tiffany Wat then added, “While the Sheltered Lands aren’t a great place to be, if players can get something out of the Cow Slaughter campaign, they should stick with it.” Deputy director Piepiora hastened to add that she “didn’t really know what she was talking about”.

'Diablo 4' developers give "pretty big hints" about Cow Pass

Although players will have to wait for the Diablo 4 team to solve the mystery of the Cow Pass, according to what has been revealed so far, Blizzard may soon be able to offer the Cow Pass in Diablo 4 as a real reserve programme for players who have been searching for it tirelessly.

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