Details Revealed for Valve’s New Game “Neon Prime”: Massive, Fully Destructible Maps

According to well-known Valve insider Tyler McVicker, who had a conversation with developers at Valve, some details about Valve’s new game “Neon Prime” have been revealed. “Neon Prime” is described as a third-person “MOBA-Lite” competitive shooter. Valve registered the trademark for this game approximately a year ago. Here are some key points from the leak:

  • It’s a third-person “MOBA-Lite” competitive shooter with a focus on classes and teams and features “massive” fully destructible maps.
  • Two teams compete on a very large game map, with the ultimate goal of defeating a large enemy behind the enemy base.
  • Each class has unique abilities and personalities, somewhat reminiscent of “Team Fortress 2.”
  • The game features a science fiction setting with ties to DOTA lore.
  • The maps are enormous and include trains that players can ride around.
  • The destruction is based on voxel technology, allowing for maps that are almost entirely destructible (think of the game “Teardown”).
  • Different characters can issue “commands” to their team.

Please note that these details are based on insider information and should be taken as unconfirmed until an official announcement from Valve is made.

Details Revealed for Valve's New Game "Neon Prime": Massive, Fully Destructible Maps

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