Dark Souls 2 Graphics Mod Released, Maximizing Preservation of Original Effects

MOD creator libretro has released an updated graphics mod for “Dark Souls 2,” eliminating the sudden texture LOD loading and significantly increasing the drawing distance.

The MOD creator stated that this work has been optimized in a very meticulous manner, with no intention to alter the game’s appearance or add extra lighting. It is tailored for “Dark Souls 2” players who value purity and minimalistic aesthetics.

This MOD eliminates the texture changes in the distance, creating a smoother and more cohesive visual experience. Players can now see objects in the distance without them suddenly popping in when approached. Additionally, the MOD reveals previously hidden details within the game’s environments.

In future updates, the MOD creator plans to make distant enemies move at their normal speed. Currently, distant enemies move at half-speed. The author also aims to enhance the effects of distant lighting and shadows.

The author also intends to create similar MODs for other FromSoftware titles in the future.

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