“Control 2” Data Mining DLC Spoilers: Continuing the Remedy Universe

“Control 2” was released last month with a promise of additional content post-launch. This includes a “New Game+” mode called “Final Draft” and extra story elements.

Remedy also teased two DLCs for the game, titled “Night Spring” and “Cabin by the Lake,” set to release at some point next year. While official hints about the DLC content were given, data miners have managed to uncover more details about the game’s future content.

According to a post on the “Gaming Rumors and Leaks” subreddit, the additional story content for the game’s second playthrough will feature a slightly different ending CG. It is said that the female protagonist, Saga, will make a phone call to her daughter that will be answered, and then the male lead, Alan, will wake up from a gunshot wound. These scenes were not originally present in the game’s ending animation.

Additionally, Dr. Darling from “Control” seems to be making an appearance in the “New Game+” mode, interacting with players through tutorial videos, just like in “Control.” The leak also reveals that this character will appear in cutscenes alongside the important character Thomas Zane, further strengthening the connection between “Control 2” and the broader “Remedy Universe.”

Furthermore, Dr. Darling is not only set to appear in “New Game+,” but also in the “Cabin by the Lake” DLC. The leak suggests that he will be doing “what Dr. Darling does” in this DLC. Remedy had previously disclosed that this DLC would feature a “mysterious facility located by the shores of Cauldron Lake, established by an independent organization for conducting secret research.”

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