“City: Skylines 2” New Patch Released: Performance Optimization and Reduced Crashes

Colossal Order has released the second performance update patch for the city-building game “City: Skylines 2.” This patch includes multiple optimizations to make the game run more smoothly.

"City: Skylines 2" New Patch Released: Performance Optimization and Reduced Crashes

Patch 1.0.12f1 includes hotfixes that optimize the game’s handling of certain types of lighting. Additionally, the game now renders small objects after large objects, making the gameplay smoother on players’ PCs. The upgraded game also optimizes shadow LOD calculations to avoid wasting time on unnecessary shadows.

The patch optimizes VRAM usage, ensuring that textures for large characters don’t become overly detailed when not needed, which helps players with lower VRAM have a smoother gaming experience. Furthermore, the patch reduces instances where trees and alpha-cut objects could lead to insufficient virtual texture space.

This patch also addresses some errors that could potentially cause the game to crash, such as fixing the issue where loading a new map could result in a desynchronization of water states and storage data. The developers have also resolved errors related to land values that could lead to game crashes.

Players will automatically download this patch when launching the Steam client.

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