BioShock 4RE’s TGA Game of the Year nomination sparks controversy:Should remasters be nominated in preference to new games?

The nomination list for the TGA 2023 Game of the Year has been released, and one of them, “Resident Evil 4: Remake”, is a slight eyesore in a crowd of brand-new games, especially in this year’s premise that there are so many good games that deserve to be nominated, and its presence has caused resentment among some players.

Blogger Fightincowboy has collected over 3,300+ likes for his tweets on the subject, “Maybe it’s a popular candidate, but I don’t think the remake deserves a GOTY nomination.”

“I think Resident Evil 4RE is a five out of five game, but it’s weird to me that a remastered game gets nominated in preference to a new game. I’d be fine with a new ‘Best Remake’ award. I just think it’s weird to see a remake of an old game nominated instead of a brand new one.”

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