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Ark: Survival Ascension Xbox version expected to launch next week as game performance continues to be optimised

Ark: Survival Ascension is expected to arrive on the Xbox platform on 14 November Pacific Time, when players will be able to play the game through Xbox consoles and PC.

After the launch, the Xbox version of Ark: Survival Ascension will be interoperable with the Steam PC version, bringing players a cross-platform gaming experience.

When the Xbox version launches, Ark: Survival Ascension will provide new official servers for all game modes (PVP, PVE, and Horde) and will increase the growth rate within the servers for a period of time to allow Xbox players to catch up with the game.Ark: Survival Ascension Xbox Version Expected to Launch Next Week, Game Performance Continues to Be Optimised

In addition, Ark: Survival Ascension will also launch a set of console-specific servers so that players who don’t want to play cross-platform can play on those servers.

Ark: Survival Ascension Xbox version is expected to go live next week, the game performance continues to optimise

Since the release of the Steam version, the Ark: Survival Ascension development team has continued to optimise and update the game, and has now fixed a number of bugs including server crashes, dinosaur generation issues and grid bugs, and the team has also made a number of improvements to the game’s performance, including optimising the dynamic navigation grid system, server memory issues and vegetation issues.Next, Ark: Survival Ascension will continue to update and release patches to improve the game’s performance and improve players’ gaming experience.

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