Aquarium simulator Fish Games launches ahead of schedule, but receives exceptional reviews

The aquatic simulator Fish Games was officially released on Steam on 26th October 2023, but the production team A Shell in the Pit Games originally planned to discover a sneak preview version. Instead, they accidentally clicked on “Official Release” during the process of getting the game up on Steam.

The production team complained about their “early release” in an update log on 28 October, but were instantly relieved to find out that Fish Games was actually number two on the list of newly released games.

However, the production team also reminded players that although the game is not a sneak preview, it is possible for the game to be heavily modified in subsequent updates. Therefore, we hope that players will have more patience as they enjoy the game.

The Canadian publisher A Shell in the Pit Games and the American indie team Creative Ink Games have teamed up to develop Fish Games, and many of its developers are aquarium enthusiasts, so they know a lot about the ecology of various types of fish, the simulation of the quality of the water body, and the characteristics of aquatic plants, etc., and have used a high degree of “complexity” to develop the game. The highly “complex” system and beautiful graphic performance brings a brand new experience of cloud fish farming to aquarium lovers.

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